Time-tested Solutions for Soil Erosion

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A Superior Drop Structure
A Superior Drop Structure
A Superior Drop Structure

Superior Drop Structures takes soil conservation to a new level. Our structures surpass others in their
ability to withstand extreme conditions, including highly erodible areas. The difference is in the design.
We use NO poured concrete. Instead, galvanized sheet piling is driven into the ground, securely
anchoring each structure, preventing washout, and providing a longer-lasting solution to soil erosion on
your property.

With over 40 years of farming experience, we understand the importance of soil conservation and the need for farmer-friendly structures. Designed and built with the landowner in mind, each of our structures is custom-built to address your specific soil erosion needs and preserve the integrity of your land.

Let our more than 15 years of steel construction experience go to work for you.

The Superior difference:

  • Solutions for highly-erodible areas.
  • Custom design and contouring (terracing) usable with today’s large farm implements.
  • Steel construction. Made with 10-gauge or 12-gauge galvanized steel sheet piling.
  • New vinyl sheet piling option available.
  • No poured concrete. The structure’s walls are driven approximately 4 feet into the ground to
    anchor the structure (and can be driven deeper than 4 feet in extreme conditions).
  • Will not wash out.
  • Proven to withstand multiple 100-year FEMA floods.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Farmer built, farmer tested, farmer approved.

Reclaim your land. Regain farming acreage lost to soil erosion. Contact us today!

Superior Drop Structures; Based out of south-central Kansas, serving the Midwest.